How to Buy the Right E-cigarette


Published on 11 Feb, 2023

Are you seeking to buy your first vaping device but do not know where to start? Do you want to upgrade your current e-cigarette but there are just too many options and you do not know which to pick? It can be frustrating and overwhelming, but it does not have to be.

Buying the right vape can be fun when faced with the right attitude and guidance. Call it an adventure to find your next companion for the period of your choosing (depending on the device you buy).

This article gives tips for buying the right e-cigarette online in Kenya. You will get insights on the different types of vapes readily available in Kenya, tips on picking a good vape supplier, and ways to evaluate your needs and ultimately buy the best vape for yourself.

Here are the 5 tips to help you buy the right vape:

1. Evaluate your needs

We enjoy things that satisfy our inner desires. By recognizing what you want and need, you are halfway there to find the right vape for yourself.

Here are some things to give thought to:

  • Are you trying to quit smoking or are you vaping for fun?
  • Do you like something sleek and portable or flashy and producing huge clouds?
  • Is flavor a priority?
  • How much nicotine do you need?

Having fun with vaping can be interpreted in many ways depending on who you are. If you find joy in subtle and sleek, then consider low-power MTL vape pens and pod systems, or adjust your mods or pod mods to the lowest power level.

For the fun of huge clouds, great power, and a conspicuous design, vape mods will do the trick. Besides design, functionality is also different in various types of vapes.

Ex-smokers and vapers who heavily depend on nicotine should use high-strength nicotine in the form of nic salts that require a low-power device for MTL vaping. These devices also work well with high PG e-liquids that are excellent in delivering complex flavors.

Generally, your vaping preference also determines the kind of device you use. Understanding your needs helps you pick the right e-cigarette.

2. Do your research

After identifying your needs, the next step is comparing available e-cigarette options.

Research the following:

Vaping levels

Vaping beginners need deeper research from learning about vaping, health risks, components of vaping, methods of vaping, and finally the vaping devices. At this point, any reliable information you get regarding vaping will go a long way in helping you understand your needs and the available products in the market.

Experienced vapers should spend time looking for new gadgets in the market. The history of vaping has taught us that a lot can change in a short period. Keep yourself updated with the market trends. Brands keep updating their devices to more efficient and safer e-cigarettes. Keep experimenting with different devices and you may end up discovering a new favorite.

Types of e-cigarettes

It helps to understand the different types of vapes available in the market and how each function. Here is a list to put in mind:

The list is in the order of complexity. Cigalikes are the simplest forms of electronic cigarettes that mimic traditional cigarettes. Disposable vapes (rechargeable and non-rechargeable) have limited e-liquid capacity. The user disposes of the device when the e-juice is exhausted.

Pod kits have both disposable and refillable options and rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery options.

Pod mods and vape mods are the most sophisticated devices with many customizable features that make vaping more enjoyable. They exert a form of control that other devices do not offer the users.

Whichever vaping device you pick, ensure it aligns with your needs and vaping level. The more sophisticated a device is the more experience in operation and vaping it will need.

Find out more about vaping devices in our article on types of vapes in Kenya.

Ease of use

Once you have identified your preferred vaping device, find out how easy or difficult it is to use. Some devices like box mods require a decent amount of knowledge on resistivity, Ohm’s law, battery safety, rebuilding atomizers, and different vaping output mods.

Some of these devices will require a little bit of training and practice to learn how to utilize all the features. Some are easy to use. The simpler vaping devices just need a push of a powering button and an inhale. Others are draw-activated, meaning you just need to inhale, just like smoking a cigarette and the device is activated.

Vaping safety

There have been reports of accidents associated with vaping. Being aware of these possible safety issues should be a priority. Although the level of risk is mostly not fatal, most of these occurrences can ruin your vaping experience.

Vape mods have complex modes and components which are operated at high power. Some devices function at wattages as high as 300 watts. There have been reported cases of e-cigarettes exploding, causing physical injuries to the users.

Vapers are advised to take time to learn how to operate their devices to avoid accidents. Vape manufacturers have continuously improved their designs and safety features. Hence, buying more modern and regulated e-cigarettes helps.


Some e-liquids are specifically made for certain types of vapes. The main distinguishing features in vape liquids are the PG/VG ratios, nicotine strength, and the type of nicotine.

High PG e-liquids are thinner, carry flavor more efficiently, and work best with high-strength nicotine, either as nic salts or freebase. This vape juice type should be used with low-power devices used for MTL vaping.

High VG e-liquids are thicker, produce more clouds, and work best with low-strength nicotine, mostly freebase nicotine type. These e-liquids should be used with high-power devices including sub-ohm tanks and other coils with low resistance.

3. Consider your vaping budget

Vape prices in Kenya differ depending on the type of vape. Disposable vapes and other starter kits and vape pens are the most affordable options.

Vape mods are the most expensive types of e-cigarettes, requiring a higher initial capital to buy.

When comparing the cost between disposable vapes and other simple and affordable electronic cigarettes with vape mods, the initial capital is where the gap comes in.

Disposable vapes are cheap, but once the e-juice is exhausted, you have to buy another device. On the other hand, vape mods are relatively expensive but they last longer. You can recharge the battery and refill the e-juice and continue vaping throughout the life of the device. Some have replaceable components in case of wear and tear.

The e-liquids are bought separately, and you can vape in your favorite flavor.

When buying an e-cigarette, consider which one makes sense to you the most and budget accordingly.

4. Choose the best vape shop

You now know exactly what you need. The next step is buying vapes from a good e-cigarette dealer. Consider the following:

Convenience - a vape shop that offers convenience and saves you a lot of time is worth considering. Online vape shops like Vape Lab are among the best in the industry. Convenience comes in the form of fast home vape delivery service, and flexible payment methods, including payment on delivery, and also late-night delivery. You can order online and get a delivery to your door in minutes.

Vape selection - pick a vape store with a wide selection of e-cigarettes and vape liquids. This enables you to compare options. Shopping for vapes online is even more convenient since you can easily browse the available options, read product descriptions, and compare prices. That way, you can determine the best vape to pick.

Customer guidance - it is easy for a beginner to get lost in the overwhelming vape categories. A vape shop that offers customer guidance and keeps providing them with updates should be your most preferred. At Vape Lab, for instance, we have an information resource center where we guide and update our customers on trending products and general vaping knowledge. We also know our products, and we can help you pick the best vape that suits your needs.

Customer reviews - The best vape stores in Kenya have a track record of satisfying their clients. This is mostly expressed in the independent customer reviews usually published on public platforms like Google reviews, Trust Pilot, and others. At Vape Lab, we have many positive reviews from satisfied customers. Join the thousands of customers who are happy with our services and products.

5. Try different e-cigarettes before settling for one

Most vape brands have outdone themselves in creating high-quality and efficient electronic cigarettes. You might land on your final vape the first time you shop. However, it doesn’t hurt to explore different options. Upgrade your vaping device regularly. It enables you to discover new vaping options that you didn’t know existed.


Buying the best vape for yourself is a process summarized as follows:

  • Know what you need and look for a device that satisfies your needs
  • Research on available vape options and other relevant vaping requirements
  • Weigh your pockets and come up with a reasonable budget
  • Pick a good e-cigarettes dealer
  • Explore different vape options and try as many as possible to get different vaping perspectives, then pick the best one for yourself.

Vape Lab brings you the best collection of e-cigarettes at the best prices in Kenya. Pick your favorite and order online at our vape store. We offer free vape delivery in Nairobi.


Published on 11 Feb, 2023