Vaping Methods Explained


Published on 19 Apr, 2022

Vaping has quite a lot to get your head around, especially when you are a first-time vaper. The events that led you to become a vaper, could be in the attempt to quit smoking tobacco or curious about how fancy it could be, you needed nothing short of an excellent experience. Not only do you need to know where to buy vaping devices in Kenya, but also figure out what types of e-cigarettes would work the best for you. Vaping does not end with successfully identifying and purchasing an ideal vaping device. Next is figuring out your vaping style. It is not quite easy, right?

A beginner who has switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping would prefer a vaping method that is similar to smoking a cigarette. After all, they need a smooth transition that will not be too much for them.

An experienced vaper or an ambitious beginner will quickly move to advanced vaping. It’s more pleasurable and sophisticated using advanced vaping methods. You may have heard of MTL and DTL vaping and the fan’s favorite sub-ohm vaping style. Let’s learn about them.

MTL Vaping

MTL is an acronym for Mouth To Lung and with that, you can already guess what it’s all about. Mouth to lung vaping method happens when you inhale your vape and hold the vapor in your mouth for a moment before inhaling it into the lungs. The method is similar to smoking a cigarette. This gives you a distinctive throat hit, and holding the vapor in the mouth gives the taste buds time to interact with the flavors. Using MTL devices feels like sucking air through a straw. A draw like this makes small clouds of vapor, enough to feel like smoking, and gives a throat hit that many smokers crave.

Benefits of MTL

Easy and Direct – Mouth to lung method is the easiest. All you need is to take a draw out of a disposable vape, or any other vape pen, hold the vapor in your closed mouth for a few seconds, then open your mouth to let the vapor into your lungs, then exhale to expel the vapor. It’s the best vaping method for beginners.

Convenient – Devices used for MTL are sleek, portable, and with less visible vape smoke and smell.

Less E-juice Used – Due to the small size of vaping devices using MTL, less vape juice is used. Also, the method delays inhalation as opposed to DTL, meaning that the e-liquid is vaporized slowly.

No overheating – Devices using MTL have lower battery power, hence offering a cooler vaping experience and no overheating.

Disadvantages of MTL

Weaker than DTL Vaping - MTL vaping does not deliver sufficient nicotine to satisfy the vaper fully. This leaves you with a choice of looking for high-strength vape juices, which might be harsh on your throat.

Old fashioned – Increased popularity for sub-ohm vaping has led to MTL being viewed as an inferior technology. Don’t worry, we’ll explain sub-ohming shortly.

DTL Vaping

DTL means Direct To Lung, which again is self-explanatory, meaning as is. With direct-to-lung vaping style, you deliver vapor directly to the lungs, similar to an asthma inhaler. It technically involves taking a big breath that will allow the vapor to enter the lungs directly and then breathe out to expel vape clouds.

DTL as you can guess is quite different from the MTL and will require a more sophisticated device to deliver the proper amount of vape smoke to the lungs. A beginner will find DTL vaping style challenging considering that the devices used too are essentially more powerful than those used in MTL vaping.

Advantages of DTL

Less Nicotine Strength Needed – Even if you used to be a heavy smoker, with DTL, you can satisfy your cravings with less nicotine percentage.

Intense Flavor – Inhaling directly to the lungs increases flavor intensity. The only requirement is that the e-liquid be slightly thicker, maybe at 70% VG or higher. The clouds in DTL are bigger compared to MTL.

Advanced Devices – Devices used for DTL vaping are more powerful and have longer battery life. They have cool features and controls that offer a flexible lung vaping experience.

Disadvantages of DTL

A lot of E-juice Used – Devices used in DTL vaping consume a lot of e-liquids. The more e-juice used the more nicotine is consumed. You may end up using too much nicotine. For this reason, avoid vape juices with high nicotine content if you are using DTL vaping method.

Vape Kits Are Bulky – E-cigarettes used in DTL are large and less portable as compared to MTL devices. They also require more maintenance work. Charging time is also a deal-breaker for many DTL devices.

Overheating – Large batteries and power means that there will be a lot of electrical activity that will produce heat. So when you need a cool vaping experience throughout the vaping period, you might not get it with the DTL method.

Vaping Devices Used in MTL

Mouth To Lung devices are simple and easy to use. They include disposable vapes, pod devices, cigalikes, and other vape pens.

Disposable vapes and other cigalikes are designed to be used until the e-juice is depleted or the battery dies, after which the user disposes of them. They are prefilled with an e-juice and are usually available in different flavors. A few have rechargeable batteries.

MTL devices are designed to mimic cigarette smoking, hence the best method for smokers switching to vaping. MTL vaping is the ideal method for beginners.

Some of the famous MTL vape brands in Kenya include Vfeel Mini, Vfeel V2, Vfeel Reckless, Yuoto, Solo X, Vazo Vapes, Evod Starter kits, Uwell Caliburn, Uwell yearn neat, Smok acro kit, Caliburn KOKO, and more.

Vaping Devices Used in DTL

Direct to Lung devices are bigger and more powerful than MTL as you have already learned. They include sophisticated Pod mods and Vape Mods, usually equipped with features like accurate wattage control, TC modes, airflow mechanism, variable wattage, and other controls. These devices are designed to make DTL vaping as flexible as possible.

Lung vaping devices have low resistance coils also known as sub-ohm coils that allow the production of huge clouds of vape smoke. Sub-ohm vaping trick can only be done using DTL vaping devices.

Some of the popular DTL vape brands in Kenya include Voopoo Drag 3 TPP-X, VooPoo Drag S, GTX One Kit Vaporesso, Big Box Mini 80W, and more.

Sub-Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm vaping, or sub-ohming refers to vaping with an e-cigarette whose coil has resistance below one ohm. Ohm is the SI unit for resistance by the way. But what does this mean for someone who is not a vape nerd?

Let me break it down for you. Resistance in electronics is the measure of the opposition of current flow in a circuit. The higher the resistance, the lower the current flow and vice versa. Back to vaping devices, electronic cigarettes with Sub-ohm systems mean that their resistance is below one ohm, hence more current flow. This means that the coil will heat faster, and the e-liquid will be vaporized more and produce more flavor. This explains the large clouds of vape smoke produced by DTL vape mods.

Most regular vaporizers, including those used in MTL, have a resistance range of 1.5 Ohms to 3 Ohms. This high resistance leads to low current flow, hence the coil heats a lot less than in Sub-ohm devices.

Terms in Sub-Ohm Vaping

Wattage – This is the actual power produced by an electrical unit. In vaping devices and throughout this article, more wattage means more heat, more vapor, more flavor, and of course bigger clouds of smoke.

Voltage – In this context, battery voltage is the battery power on an e-cigarette. An increase in voltage increases the wattage, and all the cool stuff mentioned up there happens. It’s all connected.

Resistance – This happens in the coil. Coil resistance is the determinant of sub-ohming. An increased surface area in the coils lowers resistance, hence more current is conducted. Again, the cool stuff happens.

Devices for Sub-ohm Vaping

Sub-ohming requires specific features regarding coil resistance. Not all vaping devices can be used in Sub-ohming. The devices that can emit sub-ohming are as follows:

Sub-ohm tanks – These are atomizers that utilize pre-built coil heads and mostly use cotton wicking. Sub-ohm tanks are commercially produced and are disposable. If you can’t build your own coil but still want to experience sub-ohming, sub-ohm tanks are the way to go. Any device working at 30 watts and higher can successfully use sub-ohm tanks.

Re-buildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs) – The earliest of the devices used in Sub-ohm vaping. Their coils use a cotton wick and the user manually drips e-juice to the wick every time they take a hit. No tanks are involved since the e-liquid is dripped onto the wick until it’s saturated. The battery heats the dripping liquid to form vapor.

Re-buildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs) – Here, there are tanks involved. Vapers build their own coils which are within the tank. The vape juice is stored in this tank, hence no dripping. Users get all the benefits of RDA but in a greater profile and have e-liquids storage.

RDAs, RDTAs, and RTAs are generally referred to as Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs).

Why is Sub-Ohming so Popular?

The increased popularity of sub-ohming can be attributed to the highly customizable features of sub-ohm vaping devices. The user can increase power output hence regulating the clouds formed which means controlling flavors too. While this sounds awesome and highly advantageous, it often requires a real expert to produce large vapor clouds. You’ll get there eventually through practice if you’re not already there.

Is Sub-ohming safe?

You might have heard reported cases of accidents involving sub-ohm vaping devices. The risks involved are usually in the lack of understanding of the dynamics of electricity, leading to incorrectly built mods or coils. Since a substantial amount of power is produced, accidents might happen that often lead to injuries to the user and damaged equipment.

As long as safety rules are followed, and you use premium vaping devices from reputable brands, sub-ohming can be perfectly safe.

Vaping is here to stay and might even get better with time. It started as a concept that no one knew had a future until someone decided to create a device to vaporize nicotine and other substances. Maybe in the future, the devices that we think as the most advanced will be replaced by far more advanced technology. Could be an invisible vaping device. Hahaa… Kidding!

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Published on 19 Apr, 2022