Beginners Guide to Vape Mods


Published on 10 Feb, 2023

In vaping, some prefer sleek, compact, lightweight, and easily portable devices. Then some vapers love huge clouds, flashy designs, and a set of features and settings in their devices. The latter are fun lovers who go out of their way to find the most advanced vapes with many features that add bulk to their vaping.

If you are one of the free spirits who does not like to keep it quiet and love the fun in the most flashy and stylish way, then you need vape mods. It is the most advanced type of vape with cool features that offers flexible vaping.

This article helps you understand vape mods better by diving deeper into the types, features, and choosing the best devices. Read on to learn more.

What are vape mods?

Vape mods are the largest electronic cigarettes mostly used by experienced vapers. They are made up of components that allow the user to adjust to different power levels for a more personalized vaping experience. Although mods usually have sophisticated designs and operations, manufacturers have successfully created user-friendly vape mods that are easy to learn and use.

Essentially, vape mods are much larger and more powerful than the starter vape kits you used as a vaping beginner. Unlike disposable vapes and pod systems, vape mods have customizable features and can operate at double the wattage of these smaller e-cigarettes. They are equipped with stronger coils, batteries, and an efficient e-juice delivery system.

Here are some of the common characteristics of vape mods:

  • The large size of vape mods enables them to hold larger batteries with longer life and powers the device to produce huge clouds.
  • The complex menu system built-in mods that control the device’s interface might take time to learn for you to utilize the maximum potential of the mod.
  • Vape mods falling under rebuildable atomizers (RBAs) and others usually have an industry standard 510 thread for attachment of replaceable components. This means that they can fit with almost any vape liquid tank in the market.
  • Most mods have sub-ohm coils, meaning they have a resistance of less than 1 ohm. Such mods use high VG e-liquids that produce huge clouds, best for sub-ohm vaping.
  • Direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping is the most preferred vaping method when using vape mods. Although it’s possible to install tanks that will allow Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, it is advisable to buy smaller MTL devices rather than investing too much on a vape mod.

Types of vape mods

Mods can be broadly classified into regulated and mechanical vape mods.

Regulated Vape Mods

Most modern vape mods come with a chipset that regulates the device's function, including safety for the user and protecting the device. The technology used in making these regulated mods ensures that errors in the circuit, overcharging, and overheating are managed effectively.

The design is simple, and the automation makes it easy to use by all-level vapers. There are many mod vape types within the regulated mods category made at different levels of sophistication. You will find several beginner-friendly mods and others best suited for experienced vapers, usually with more sophisticated features and controls.

Some examples of popular regulated mods are as follows:

Vape Pens Mods

These are among the simplest forms of regulated vape mods. They are small-sized, compact, and lightweight, usually with a small internal rechargeable battery and a refillable built-in vape tank.

The functionality is simplified to be as simple as firing a button that powers the device into heating the coil that in turn vaporizes your favorite e-liquid. Vaping beginners and users who prefer sleek and convenient vaping benefit the most from using these inexpensive vape pens.

Pod Mods

Pod systems are gaining popularity as the design and functionality improve year after year. They are small and compact all-in-one vape mods with mostly built-in rechargeable batteries and small refillable or disposable pods.

Pod mods have small transparent containers called pods, refillable with your chosen vape liquid. Some pods are disposable but for some devices, they are replaced once the e-juice is exhausted.

Pod mods come in different levels of sophistication and pricing, featuring different components and regulation mechanisms.

Squonk Mods

Squonk mods are the closest to mechanical box mods but with a built-in refillable vape juice bottle. This is different from a vape tank. Squonk mods have a 510-thread connection that enables you to link a bottom-fed RDA. The e-liquid moves from the vape juice bottle to the base of the RDA making it more convenient than manual dripping.

Most squonk mods are regulated, featuring built-in circuitry that regulates the power output and ensures safety features such as over-current and over-voltage protection.

Mechanical Vape Mods

Mechanical vape mods are only used with rebuildable atomizers. The users have full control of the device and are responsible for their safety. Mechanical vapes require the user to understand general vaping, Ohm’s law, coils resistivity, power control, and rebuilding the vapes correctly.

Box Mods

Box mods are the best examples of mechanical vapes. They are versatile and with a rich set of features that gives the vaper control over his/her vaping experience.

The 510 industry-standard connection enables users to assemble the different box mods components conveniently. This is a universal fitting, meaning any tank or coils will fit with any device, making parts replacement easy.

The traditional box mods used to be the only way that vapers could experience a high power output. But the advancement of technology led to the invention of regulated mod vapes that are safer and more convenient.

Mechanical vape mods continue to be used to date with rebuildable atomizers (including RTA, RDA, and RDTA), enabling users to have more control over their vaping experience. Brands have also invested in creating safer designs.

Vape Mod Batteries - Removable vs in-built

Battery capacity, power, and current work simultaneously to give a vape mod the energy needed to vaporize e-liquids. The interaction between these determines the kind of vaping experience you get. For instance, a higher battery capacity means the battery last longer, while higher current means lower capacity.

Vape kit batteries are designed to produce enough power and capacity to make the battery last longer. They are presented as in-built or removable.

In-built vape mods batteries

Most beginner vapes have in-built batteries since they are easy to maintain. All you need to do is recharge your vape when it runs out of power. The downside is that when you run out of power, you cannot replace the battery with a charged one. You can only plug it in and wait for it to have enough charge.

Removable mod batteries

Vapers need to find batteries compatible with their devices, those reliable to give enough power and last for a decent period. Most sub-ohm devices use removable batteries, allowing you to carry a spare charged battery to avoid running out of power.

Using a removable battery requires a vaper who understands battery safety, storage, and charging correctly.

Choosing the right vape mods

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best vape mod to satisfy your needs. Most of these factors are determined by personal preference or the level of vaping you are in. For instance, a vaper starting with vape mods will benefit the most from simpler models like vape pens and pod mods.

Picking the right vape mod requires a combination of vaping skills and preference. Here is what you should consider when buying a vape mod:

  • Preferred method of vaping - this article mentions the possibility of using vape mods for MTL and DTL vaping. The method of vaping you choose determines the type of vape mod to use.
  • Determine features important to you - if you are a cloud chaser, you will need a device that will produce huge clouds. Sub-ohm tanks will be the best suited for this. If you prefer the sleek and good flavor, go for simpler MTL vape mods.
  • Technology preference - if you are among those who like to be in control and value history and tend to live in it, more traditional box mods will appeal to you. But if you value technological advancement, there are more modern devices like pod mods, which are very efficient and safe.
  • Budget - advanced vape mods' prices are higher than the simpler versions. Box mods with replaceable components have even a higher prices because you might need to buy some parts separately. Most regulated vape mods with in-built components are cheaper. The vape mod price depends on the kind of features you want. You will pay more for advanced features and higher performance.


Vape mods are the ultimate way of enjoying vaping in a more advanced fashion. You get to choose how you do it by balancing power and other output modes.

Your preference and skill level determine the type of mod that suits you best. You will enjoy the most when you have a device that fulfills your needs.

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Published on 10 Feb, 2023