Expert Vaping Tips


Published on 12 Jul, 2023

No one would have guessed that nicotine intake could be so interesting and satisfying. Modern vaping gives you more control and features like never seen before. Even better, you can choose your flavors, nicotine strength and vapor intensity, and even the smoke color.

Vaping like a pro requires practice and experience using vape mods and other advanced vaping devices. It is not rocket science, and anyone can learn the best vaping tricks that pros show off all the time.

The most important thing is ensuring you get a satisfying vaping experience most fashionably. I will help you get there by sharing six expert vaping tips to boost your vaping game. You will learn what it takes to get the most out of vaping. Read on and find out how.

Choose the right e-liquid

No engine runs without fuel or a power source. In your case, the fuel is vape liquids, and the battery powers the coils that heat the e-juice into the aerosol you inhale and exhale as huge clouds.

Your vaping experience heavily depends on the type of e-liquid used, and that is why you should consider the following three things:

  • PG/VG ratio
  • Nicotine strength
  • Flavor

PG/VG Ratio

The amount of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) diluents in your vape juice also determines the nicotine strength you can vape and the throat hit intensity. The PG/VG ratios also determine the vaping device you can use with such e-liquids.

High-power vapes require high VG e-liquids for big cloud production in sub-ohming and (direct to lung) DTL vaping. High PG e-liquids, on the other hand, are suitable for (mouth to lung) MTL vaping and can be used with higher nicotine strengths.

Picking the proper PG/VG ratio increases your chances of having an enjoyable vaping experience.

Nicotine Strength

Vape liquids have various levels of nicotine. Some have no nicotine altogether. Nicotine is consumed as freebase or as nicotine salts, popularly known as nic salts. The amount of nicotine in your vape juice depends on how much you need in your system.

Most ex-smokers heavily depend on nicotine. High nicotine-strength vape liquids are ideal for them. Most high-strength nicotine vape juices are used with MTL vaping devices. It limits the cloud chasing but maximizes nicotine intake and flavor.

The nicotine concentration that you choose depends on your vaping needs. For nicotine hits, buy high-strength vape liquids with high PG concentrations. For cloud chasing, pick low-strength vape liquids with high VG concentration.


There is no good or bad when it comes to vape flavors. Your personal preference is the only thing to go by. Vape liquids manufacturers have supplied the market with enough flavor combinations. You can never run out of flavor options.

High PG e-liquids have richer flavor profiles than high VG vape juice. When picking your e-juice, consider this factor and assess your needs. Also, try out different flavors and combinations to find your favorite.

The Type of Vaping Device Matters

There are all sorts of vaping devices made for vapers at different levels. It is usually not all about vaping levels, but preferences and needs. A new vaper trying to quit smoking will prefer a vaping device mimicking a traditional cigarette in both form and function. The design of such devices is simple, and MTL vaping is the dominating style.

A satisfying vaping experience is relative. Every user has their preferences. Let’s talk more about the fun part of vaping - cloud chasing and control. For you to best enjoy vaping, pick an e-cigarette that has the following:

  • Airflow adjustment
  • A rechargeable vape or a long-lasting battery
  • Mode adjustment

Airflow adjustment is one way to get more smoke. The best vaping devices have this feature, giving you the flexibility of vaping at your desired vapor intensity. More vapor means more flavor and more nicotine delivered.

A rechargeable vape guarantees day-long vaping where you can recharge your battery when it runs out. Good e-cigarettes have long-lasting batteries powering your device for a significant period. Consider battery life when buying a vape.

Vape mods, pod mods, and some pod devices have adjustable modes where you can control the wattage and other features. This boosts vapor intensity enabling you to produce huge clouds at will. They also give you the satisfaction of control.

Experiment with different coil types

Coils or atomizers are essential components of vaping. Each type gives a variation on your vaping experience. Picking an ideal atomizer can help in boosting the overall vaping escapade.

The varying feature in all coil types is the surface area. The most popular types like vertical coils, dual coils, triple, multiple, mesh coils, twisted coils, and so on, function the same by heating the vape liquid into fine aerosol. The more surface area a coil has, the higher the vapor intensity. 

Trying out different coil types increases your choices. Experiencing the functionality of each atomizer and how it affects vapor intensity, flavor, and nicotine hit will inform your ultimate choice of your preferred coil. However, coils are not the only factors to consider when choosing the right vaping device. Several of the aforementioned properties will help you pick the right vaping device.

Try different vaping methods

Some of the vaping methods will be determined by the device and coil type you choose. Vaping methods like DTL and Sub-ohming are restricted to more advanced vaping devices.

MTL is one of the most popular vaping methods. Mouth to lungs means drawing vape smoke into your mouth first then pushing it to your lungs. MTL allows you to savor the flavors and get the throat hit you crave. Most ex-smokers and heavy dependents of nicotine love this vaping style.

Devices used for MTL are mostly simple in design and easy to use. Disposable vapes and some pod devices will give you the best MTL vaping experience.

DTL, on the other hand, means vaping directly to the lungs. You will not need to hold the vapor in your mouth first. For this reason, the flavor intensity is not adequately felt. The plus on this is the satisfaction of producing big clouds. However, the size of the clouds depends on the type of device used, the coils in operation, or even the mode set on the device.

Advanced vaping devices allow you to switch between MTL and DTL vaping methods by adjusting the wattage.

Sub-ohming uses vape coils with a resistance of less than 1 ohm. This is the cloud chaser's favorite method of vaping.

Play around with these vaping methods to find a balance that works for you. This also means you need to try out different vaping devices. Head over to our online vape shops and discover the e-cigarette options we have. Pick your favorite and order.

Stay Hydrated

Adequate hydration promotes overall well-being, and it is especially important to vapers. Ingredients in vape liquids like PG contribute to mild dehydration. Vaping for extended sessions might cause a sore throat or potential dry mouth. Taking plenty of water between vaping sessions alleviates these problems.

You can also avoid throat irritation by picking more neutral PG/VG ratios or high VG e-liquids that give a more gentle throat sensation.

Proper storage and maintenance

Any gadget should be stored properly and undergo maintenance regularly. The same case applies to vaping products and devices.

E-liquids, for instance, should be stored away from direct sunshine to maintain a fresh and original flavor profile. In addition, the diluents are highly volatile and flammable, hence proper storage is essential.

The vaping devices should also be stored properly. Replace or repair broken parts and unblock blocked airflows. Replace worn-out coils and leaking vape tanks. The overall proper maintenance retains the vape’s efficiency hence ensuring the constant satisfaction that vaping provides.

Bonus Tip:

How to make vape smoke different colors

Note that no brand sells e-liquids with colored vape smoke. You impart colors yourself by adding food colors. You can make things interesting by adding food colors matching the flavors. Eg, for a mint flavor, you can use food color with green hues.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Get the food color of your choice in its liquid form.
  2. Open your vape in the coil section and soak the wick with the food color. You will know it works when the smoke comes out colored.
  3. Fill the tank with vape liquid.
  4. Fire up your vaping device and inhale. When you exhale, it will be a colored smoke.
  5. You can make colored vape smoke with any vaping device as long as the wick can be exposed.

If you do not enjoy vaping from this point forward, we can rightly assume you are no fun at all. You might be the one who would get eaten in a zombie apocalypse. For the rest of us who love fun, we can use these brilliant vaping tips to boost our vaping experience. Go have fun!


Published on 12 Jul, 2023