RBA Vape Atomizers Guide: RDA, RTA and RDTA Explained


Published on 7 Dec, 2022

Vapers like to know their stuff in their “cloud-chasing” game. RBA, RDA, RTA, and RDTA are some of the popular terms you will encounter as a vaper.

Generally speaking, RDA, RTA, and RDTA are all RBA systems. Let’s see what that means and then dive a little deeper to understand them better.

What is RBA?

RBA means Re-Buildable Atomizers. It represents vaping devices with rebuildable decks holding wicks or tanks and coils. The term RBA has not been commonly used since 2021 but is still great for classification.

You will hear more RBA referring to vaping devices with removable tanks while rebuildable atomizers refer to the larger category. Whichever name you choose to call these devices, the idea is that these devices have a deck with different removable components. They are DIY vape types, and users customize their vaping experience by assembling devices to their preferences.

Now that we know that RTA, RDA, and RDTA are all rebuildable atomizers, let’s find out what each means.

What is RDTA?

RDTA is an acronym for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. Simply put, RDTA combines RTA and RDA systems, working in synergy. The tank acts like a deep juice well where the wicks draw the e-juice.

The deck of an RDTA system resembles that of an RDA, but with a tank underneath feeding juice to the build. Like the RTA, the user does not need to add vape juice constantly, and like the RDA, the wicks are soaked continuously with vape juice with a drip system from the tank. The only difference is that the feeding of vape juice happens automatically.

Popular RDTA designs include one or two, sometimes more coils on the deck, no chimney and bell like the RTA, and the deck is usually above the tank section.

RDTAs are made in a design that allows cyclonic airflow and a specialized e-liquid uptake mechanism. These features set them apart from other RBA devices. RDTAs are convenient and efficient.

What is RDA?

The acronym stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers. RDA is a type of RBA that utilizes a dripper system where the user manually adds vape juice to the wicks and coils. The RDA system does not have a tank to hold e-liquids. Instead, it has a juice well at the bottom of the deck that temporarily holds the e-juice that is then taken up by the wicks.

Unlike vapes with RBA tanks, the RDA capacity is not enough to hold the e-juice. The vaper must continuously add the vape juice while using the device.

You can already guess that using RDA is not as convenient as using a vape device with a tank. It can be exhausting to keep dripping the e-juice into the wells. However, some types like the squonk mod have a hollow 510 pin with a squeezable bottle inside the mod that is fed with vape juice through a small window. Although this is still manual, it is more convenient than the usual RDA systems that require you to have a vape juice bottle separately.

RDAs are great affordable choices and produce immense clouds.

What is RTA?

RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizers. RTA has a tank system and a rebuildable coil. Unlike the RDA, the tank has enough capacity to hold several milliliters of vape juice. The user does not have to keep adding e-juice while vaping. They wait until the tank is empty to refill.

Many RTA designs are emerging from time to time. However, the standard features of a typical RTA include a deck with one or two coils or sometimes more, a deck that sits under or in the middle section of the tank, and a chimney and a bell system that extends from the deck up to the drip tip.

Chimney and bell are key distinguishing features of RTA from other rebuildable tanks. The bell creates a vacuum pressure that feeds wicks with vape juice. Although capillary force is still at work in soaking the wicks, the vacuum pressure accelerates this process, making vaping more efficient, especially for high-power gadgets. RTA is a good choice for sub-ohm vaping and DTL.

The chimney concentrates the vapor which the user then inhales. Most vapers claim that RTAs produce vapor with a better flavor balance. This however is relative, depending on what you enjoy in vaping.

In Essence…

  1. RBA - refers to all rebuildable atomizers, whether with RDA or RTA system, or a combination of both (RDTA).
  2. RDA and RTA - RDA has no tank and requires the user to constantly wet the wicks while vaping, while RTA has a tank that holds the vape juice. The user does not manually add e-liquids.
  3. RDTA and RDA - RDTA is typically an RDA with a tank. The tank feeds the vape juice to the build directly and does not require the user to keep adding the juice manually.
  4. RTA and RDTA - Both have a tank, but RTAs have a chimney and bell system. Typical RTA designs have their deck underneath the atomizer. RDTAs have an open deck above the tank, and the wicks draw juice from the tank, which acts like a deep well.

Benefits of Rebuildable Atomizers

The flexibility of these devices makes them a desired choice by most vapers at all levels. Users can build coils to their preferred resistance. Experienced vapers and purists like to customize their vaping experience, and RBAs enable them to do just that.

Some RBAs are perceived better than others, although this depends on personal preferences. The only difference between all these RBAs is how the vape juice is accessed.

Although rebuildable atomizers are still a thing today, different companies have developed high-performance builds that are readily available in many vape stores in Kenya. RBAs are still being used by those who want to calibrate vapes to their own preferences. RBAs are also a cheaper option than many other available brands.

Building and Wrapping Vape Coils

Using RBAs requires you to have some knowledge of building. It is a simple process to learn. RDAs are a great starting point for a vaper new to building.

Where to buy RDA, RTA, and RDTA in Kenya

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Published on 7 Dec, 2022