Causes and Prevention of Sore Throat From Vaping


Published on 17 Jan, 2023

Does vaping hurt your throat, but you have no idea what’s causing it or even how to fix it? You are not alone. Many vapers across the world have reported experiencing this side effect.

Do not panic though. Some of the causes of sore throat in vaping are preventable.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why vaping hurts your throat and more importantly, how to stop it. You will learn everything from how your device and e-liquids contribute to this side effect and know what you need to do to keep your throat healthy.

Whether you are a beginner in vaping or a seasoned pro, we have gathered the best recommendations and solutions to your sore throat problem caused by vaping. Read on to find out more.

Why Vaping Causes a Sore Throat

Vaping involves heating the vape juice into an inhalable aerosol. The heat and vape liquid ingredients have characteristics that might cause a throat sensation that can be discomforting for some people or even cause a sore throat.

A sore throat is a common side effect among new vapors. If you are transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping, you can remember how uncomfortable it made you feel.

These are some of the possible causes of a sore throat from vaping:

  1. You are using the wrong vape e-liquid
  2. The nicotine strength is too high
  3. The wrong vaping style
  4. The e-liquid flavor might be hurting your throat
  5. Dry hits
  6. The device power is too high

1. You are using the wrong vape liquid

Different types of vaping devices have particular vape liquids that they should use. E-liquids are designed with several ingredients, including flavoring agents, nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG).

The constituents of an e-liquid differ in concentration depending on the type or brand of the e-liquid. The main distinction among e-liquids is the PG/VG ratios and nicotine strength.

High PG vape liquid is used with devices that do not have too much power and with a higher resistance. On the other hand, high VG e-liquids suit devices with lower resistance and high power.

PG is responsible for the throat hit you feel when vaping. Using high PG e-liquids with a high power and lower resistance device will hurt your throat.

2. The nicotine strength is too high

Nicotine is available in two forms in vaping; freebase nicotine or nicotine salts (commonly known as nic salts).

You can choose how much nicotine you take by choosing e-liquids with a particular strength. Brands produce e-liquids with varying strength, including high freebase nicotine concentration or as nic salts, which are usually in a higher concentration.

Nic salts are acidic (usually with benzoic acid), which makes them smoother on the throat even in high concentrations.

On the other hand, freebase nicotine is alkaline and is harsher in high concentration.

The popularity of nic salts has made other e-liquid manufacturers make vape juices with high nicotine concentrations to match the high concentration in nic salts. This ends up doing more harm by causing a sore throat to vapers using high freebase nicotine concentrated e-liquids.

3. The wrong vaping style

There are two main methods of vaping; mouth to lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL).

MTL vaping involves holding the vapor in the mouth for a moment before inhaling it into the lungs. DTL vaping delivers vapor directly to the lungs.

As a new vaper, you may be accustomed to only one vaping method, and that could be why your throat hurts. Vaping is a fun experience that has so many options.

Learn more by checking out our MTL and DTL vaping guide.

4. The e-liquid flavor might be hurting your throat

There is no limit on the flavors an e-liquid can have. We have seen flavors like menthol, tobacco, cool mint, fruit flavors, and more in different e-liquids types and disposable vapes. Some of these flavors come from plants, and others are made artificially in the laboratory.

Just like any consumed product, some people can develop allergies to specific flavors. Vape juice can have simple and gentle flavors like fruits, while other more sophisticated flavors like tobacco and menthol can be too much for some people. These could present challenges in vaping such as a sore throat.

5. Dry hits

A dry hit happens when you inhale on your vaping device but no e-liquid to be vaporized. What comes out is a very unpleasant hot air that ends up hurting your throat. Too many dry hits may cause a sore throat.

Dry hits can be caused by 3 things:

  • The wicking material is not saturated with e-juice
  • The vape tank is empty and needs refilling
  • The coil is running at too high wattage or is broken.

6. The device power is too high

Some mods and pod mods come with features like power settings. Advanced vapers enjoy vaping at different power levels, which allows for heating the e-liquid into a desired warmth and vapor intensity.

While the adjustable power feature is a big deal for vaping enthusiasts, it results in the possibility of setting the power too high, which might end up causing a sore throat.

Different coils have the recommended power in watts, usually indicated in their packaging or inscribed on them. Setting the device power too high than the recommended range might end up causing dry hits or warming the vape liquid too much.

How to prevent a sore throat from vaping

Vape burning your throat is not a pleasant experience. The good news is that you can prevent it. Unlike smoking cigarettes, there is a degree of control in vaping. You can decide how much nicotine to vape, choose the flavors, and even the ideal PG/VG ratios.

The vaping devices you use also dictate the kind of experience you get. This flexibility means that when one thing doesn’t work for you, you can always choose another.

Here are some of the ways to prevent hurting your throat when vaping:

  1. Use a different PG/VG ratio for your e-liquid
  2. Service your e-cigarette and refill tanks
  3. Use the correct power settings for your device
  4. Pick a flavor that doesn’t hurt you
  5. Use the proper vaping method
  6. Use the right type of nicotine
  7. Drink enough water
  8. Watch your vaping frequency

1. Watch the PG/VG ratio of your e-liquid

The next time you buy a vape liquid, check the PG/VG ratio. A high-PG vape juice might be the one causing a sore throat. Try a more gentle PG/VG ratio. You can try the 50:50 PG/VG ratio, which is smoother.

2. Service your e-cigarette and refill your tanks

When your vaping device has worn-out wicks, damaged coils, and an empty tank, you risk getting dry hits. While a one-time dry hit might not cause a sore throat, frequent dry hits expose you to burns that might end up hurting your throat.

Refill your tank when the vape juice runs out. Ensure that the wicks are soaking well with e-juice.

3. Use the right power settings for your device

Mods and pods with adjustable power settings enable you to vape in the right warmth and intensity. Always ensure that you are using the correct power range to prevent overheating of the vape liquid, which might hurt your throat.

4. Choose gentle flavors

Some sophisticated flavors might be too harsh for your throat. Try out different flavors to find the one that works the best and doesn’t hurt you. Fruit flavors are a great starting point.

5. Watch your vaping method

If you have tried different remedies to fix a sore throat from vaping and nothing works, consider changing your vaping method. While MTL is a great starting point for beginners, you can explore other styles that might relieve your throat.

6. Use the right type of nicotine

We established that a high nicotine strength can be harsh on your throat. However, using the right type of nicotine, even at a higher strength will give your throat much-needed relief. Freebase nicotine at a higher concentration is harsh and might cause a sore throat, but nic salts have a smoother throat sensation even at a high concentration.

7. Drink enough water

Hydration is important. PG dehydrates your throat when taken at a higher concentration or more frequently and can cause a sore throat. Drink plenty of water to keep your throat hydrated.

8. Watch your vaping frequency

You know what they say, too much of anything is poisonous. Vaping is no different. The vapor you inhale is a blend of chemicals like PG, VG, nicotine, and flavoring agents. Each of these ingredients has potential side effects that might cause a sore throat. Vape responsibly.

Check out these vaping tips to boost your vaping experience.


Vaping is refreshing and fun, but it can sometimes hurt your throat. Learning how to fix it will help you avoid some unpleasant experiences vaping causes.

Vaping responsibly means watching out for the causes of a sore throat in vaping and learning how to prevent it. A routine check of your vaping behavior goes a long way in helping you stay healthy.

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Published on 17 Jan, 2023