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Best Vaping Devices in Kenya

Vaping can be fun, but only if you do it right and choose the best vaping device. For more than a decade now, manufacturers have put their talents to good use by making innovative e-cigarette designs. The technology improves with every release. The competition keeps things interesting, with each manufacturer trying to remain on top. This is a good thing for consumers. It means more high-quality products circulating the market.

It is one thing for brands to produce safe and effective electronic cigarettes, but another to find the best vaping devices to buy in Kenya. With many vape types and brands available, our guide makes it easier by picking the best-selling, most popular, top-quality, and highly rated vaping devices.

We’re getting to the list, but first:

How to pick the best vaping device

There are many types of vapes, each designed for specific use. Some are best suited for beginners, while others work best for intermediate and advanced vapers. While beginner-level vaping devices have cool features that many vapers would enjoy, this article focuses on more advanced vaping devices.

Picking the best e-cigarette is directly determined by your needs and your vaping style. Luckily, we have a guide that gives tips on how to buy the right vape.

Even though our list of the best e-cigarettes in Kenya comprises high-end or advanced vaping devices, you do not necessarily need a KES 15000 vape mod to satisfy optimal vaping needs. But it surely is a wonderful experience having a powerful vape that you can control via different settings. Expensive most of the time means more advanced features, better functionality, and vaping experience.

That said, let’s get to our list of the best vaping devices in Kenya:

  • Smok G-PRIV 4 Kit-Black

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    Smok G-PRIV 4 Kit tops this list for a reason. One being its power and sleek design. If you like keeping a low profile of your vaping life but still want to get the most out of it, then this is what you need. Do not get me wrong, the device can do whatever you want, thanks to different settings modes. You can make it cloudy and vigorous, or keep it lowkey cool while enjoying your favorite flavors and nicotine hits.

    The 230 Watts adjustable power facilitates smooth and enjoyable vaping, producing massive and flavorful clouds. The battery and 6.5ml e-juice capacity are big enough to keep you vaping all day. Do not worry about running out of charge, the type C charger will recharge your vaping device in no time.

    When referencing convenience, enhanced vaping features, and an innovative design, it’s inevitable to mention Smok G-PRIV 4 kit.

  • Vaporesso Target 80 Tank Edition Navy Blue

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    Vaporesso is a renowned vape brand in the world and popular in Kenya. The Target 80 Tank edition offers vaping convenience and efficiency.

    It has admirable features like the 80W power output from a powerful and long-lasting battery. Such power is efficient in producing huge clouds in DTL vaping. You blow huge clouds, enjoy your favorite e-juice flavor and a nicotine hit.

    The rugged design and the axion chip inside make Vaporesso Target 80 a perfect vape kit for outdoor vaping. The fancy design stirs an irresistible urge to show off when vaping with friends. It stands out, not just in its physical appearance but in efficiency. The latest GTX pod tank technology makes it a fascinating invention compatible with all GTX coils and delivers satisfying flavor, vapor clouds, and nicotine.

  • Smok RPM 4 Kit Black Leather

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    If you are after a sleek and stylish design, then Smok RPM 4 kit will strike your fancy. The black leather series adds to the fancy look, complementing a TFT screen with the customizable theme color. It’s a lovable design that delivers a luxurious feel and a sense of style.

    Cloud chasing has never been better with Smok RPM 4 Kit. The 1650mAh battery has a power output of up to 60W. It’s powerful enough to heat the 0.23 mesh coil and facilitate DTL vaping.

    You shouldn’t worry about running out of vape juice. The pod system has a side-filling design where you can refill with your favorite vape liquid. The adjustable airflow system regulates vapor and flavor intensity.

    The new LP2 coil design is leakproof, and all safety features have been incorporated to ensure no vape juice wastage and the device is safe to use.

  • GTX One Kit Vaporesso Black

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    The GTX one kit by Vaporesso vape brand is the perfect device to take you on a flavor exploration journey. The GTX coils are designed for optimal flavor delivery. The 2000mAh built-in battery produces up to 40W power output that powers the coil and delivers rich vape clouds.

    The GTX One Kit is generally user-friendly with a fancy design. The polished black color and a narrow round-shaped mouthpiece give it a touch of luxury and style.

    The airflow and power control system allows you to adjust your vape to your desired intensities. This means you can control how much vapor you consume, the flavor intensity, and the overall nicotine intensity delivered. GTX one is the perfect device for MTL vaping.

  • Smok RPM 100 KIT Matte Gold

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    The Smok RPM range has always been an interesting choice among vapers. The RPM 100 combines power, durability, and style, offering a perfect synergy of functionality and design aesthetics.

    Another feature that vapers cannot miss to praise is its removable battery. It adds to the convenience. You can carry a spare charged battery and use it when the charge dies and you can’t recharge. But if you are near a power source, the USB-C charging port comes in handy, allowing fast charging. With Smok RPM 100 pod mod kit, you are assured of long periods of vaping your favorite vape juice.

    That’s not all. For the fans of DTL vaping, which also means cloud chasers, the RPM 100 kit is compatible with RPM3 and RPM2 coils. You can choose inhale options between DTL and MTL depending on your needs at any time.

    Several other features like adjustable airflow, refillable 2ml e-juice pods, and variable wattage add bulk to desirable properties, which make Smok RPM 100 Kit Matte Gold one of the best vaping devices in Kenya.

  • Voopoo Drag S Mystic Red

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    You know what they say - the devil is in the details. Well, sometimes you might find angels, like in the case of Voopoo Drag S pod mod. The best innovations are formed from the exploration of details. The Voopoo Drag S combines design, performance, and craftsmanship to create a device that breaks the boundaries of technology and explores new possibilities.

    How does that help you though? Well, for starters, Voopoo Drag S Mystic Red is designed into an exotic red color that represents nature, an ergonomic round design that perfectly fits your fingers' curvature, and a premium texture of metal and leather. It makes vaping lovable with a device made with an exotic design.

    Regarding performance, Voopoo Drag S features an 8.5v boost mode, an infinite airflow control system, a powerful 3000mAh in-built battery, and a 0.9 inches TFT display screen that increases the efficiency and ultimate production of smooth and flavorful vape clouds from your favorite e-liquids.

  • Carbon Fiber & Black Argus Pro Mod

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    Voopoo vape brand is known for its innovativeness for all its devices. The Argus Pro mod is one of their meticulous designs made to bring out an exotic blend of style and performance.

    In their Argus Pro model, the Voopoo brand has given more thought to control, safety, power, and convenience. For instance, the Argus Pro has a removable battery that allows you to carry a spare especially when you are on an outdoor picnic or hike, and you can’t charge your device. It also has an adjustable airflow that allows you to consume flavor and produce smoke in preferred intensities.

    The Voopoo brand has made this model compatible with all Voopoo PNP coils and pods. This makes it easier to shift between models and uses the same parts. With Voopoo Argus Pro, you get the best vaping experience and convenience making it one of the best e-cigarettes in Kenya.

Some of the top vaping brands include a touch of style and high performance in their designs. Our list of the best e-cigarettes in Kenya features a series of desirable characteristics that improve your vaping experience.

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