The Best Disposable Vape Brands in Kenya


Published on 18 Apr, 2022

For any reason that you are a vaper today, starting is usually faced with some challenges like identifying the most ideal vaping device. With so many types of e-cigarettes available in Kenya, it is understandable that you might need guidance in narrowing it down to the most suitable device in your vaping stage.

Everyone appreciates something that will give a satisfying nicotine hint presented in your favorite flavor. In the attempt to switch from smoking to vaping, chances are that you need a device that feels the same as a cigarette, lightweight and sleek. You can never go wrong with a disposable vape pen. At Vape Lab, we have longest lasting disposable vapes available at the best flavors.

About Disposable Vapes

Disposable vape pens are by far the most convenient vaping devices of all types. They have seen a revolution over the years from simple traditional cig-a-likes to modern and more powerful disposable vape pens. They have become a preferred vaping style in 2022 due to their simplicity and availability in different flavors at affordable prices.

The current generation of disposable e-cigarettes has significantly improved in design, power and are more satisfying. They have better coils and larger batteries, which in turn produce more vape smoke than the previous generations.

While the revolution has been great and satisfying, their mode of operation remains the same. Most disposable vape pens are draw-activated (some might have an activation button). You just need to remove the packaging and start using it. You then dispose of it when the e-juice is depleted or when the battery dies.

Can Anyone Use Disposable Vapes?

That time when you crave a nic salt or a particular vape flavor, a disposable vape pen comes in handy – whether you are a vaping beginner or an experienced user. Disposable vapes remain a vibe for all vaper levels. While anyone can use disposable vapes, they suit new vapers more. It’s common for new vapers to get confused by sophisticated vaping gadgets, from replacing or refilling pods, charging the batteries, to getting the right e-juice. The hassle is taken away by disposable e-cigs that have all those featured inbuilt. They are ready to use as they come.

An experienced vaper has already mastered the art of using pod mods and vape mods. They also already know what nicotine strength works for them. Therefore, they wouldn’t mind using advanced vaping devices. However, a time comes when you need something sleek and simple to use for a night out – something similar to a cigarette that is used on the go. Then you can get yourself a disposable vape pen in your preferred flavor and nicotine strength. You will then know what to do with the 1500 to 2500 puffs in there.

You chose to vape because something convinced you that it’s better than smoking. You escaped a lot of things that a traditional cigarette would bring to you. I can imagine the struggle that comes with trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Having on you a disposable vape kit will help quench the nicotine thirst that you will have from time to time.

How Disposable Vapes Have Evolved Over the Years

Back in the day, the vaping devices available could not give the satisfying vaping experience that you get today. The coils were less powerful, the batteries were small and the design was generally not as creative as it is now. Vaping with those disposable cig-a-likes was generally limiting your experience. There wasn’t enough nicotine expressed, the vapor was thin and the vape flavors were limited. The only flavors you could get was tobacco, hints of menthol, and maybe a few fruit flavors. The intention then was to mimic the traditional cigarette. Maybe it looked fancy then, but with the advances in technology, we now know it can get better.

The current disposable vaping devices are a result of thorough research and development in making these single-use kits work seamlessly and be as sleek as possible. Now you can vape hundreds of flavors, get a better smoke quality, improved battery life, much better coils, and higher strength nic salts. The designs are super pretty, elegant, and sleek. You can vape your favorite flavor at a very affordable price.

Disposable vape pens have become popular among new and experienced vapors. With many flavors and disposable vape brands to choose from, vaping from these gadgets becomes even more fun. You can experiment with different e-cigarette brands and flavors then find out one that strikes your fancy and make a favorite out of it.

What are the Best Disposable Vapes?

With disposable vapes, you get all sorts of flavors and nicotine in different strengths to satisfy your urges. You get that with little or no maintenance in these disposable vaping devices. Vape Lab online vape shop has dedicated time and resources to bring you only the best quality and the safest disposable vape brands. Any type that you see in our shop has passed our quality test. Check out the following disposable vape brands that we have brought to you. The list continues to grow, so come back regularly and check what’s new.

Vfeel Reckless Disposable Vape Brand

Vfeel Reckless disposable vape pen brand has more sophisticated features than the rest of the Vfeel e-cigarettes. Two modes are available: the Auto-draw and Boost mode. The auto-draw is uncomplicated, where the user draws the vape smoke from the device with no delayed suction. For each draw, there is a blue light at the bottom that makes it look fancy and classy. The Boost Mode on the other hand requires the vaper to press and hold a button at the bottom of the vape pen to activate the device. This mode is designed to produce a sweeter and cooler flavor than the auto-draw mode. This mode is also more powerful and contains RGB flashing lights.

Vfeel Reckless is flashy and stylish, portable and elegant. The device is powerful, using a 1-ohm coil powered by a 650mAh rechargeable battery, making it among the best rechargeable disposable vapes. The e-liquid capacity is 10ml which supports up to 4000 puffs. Whenever you need a quick, satisfying and flavorful nicotine hit, the Vfeel Reckless Boost Mode will do you good. With Vfeel Reckless, you get a vaping experience no other disposable vape pen can give.

Vfeel V2 Disposable Vape Brand

Vfeel V2 disposable vape brand consists of e-cigarettes presented in different flavors. The V2 products support 3000 puffs from an e-liquid capacity of 8mL and Nic salt percentage of up to 5%. The vape has a crystal clear curved design, a stylish and portable device admirable to anyone willing to have more and purer flavorful puffs. The battery capacity of 950mAh is enough to support the 3000 puffs.

Vfeel Mini Disposable Vape Brand

Vfeel mini disposable vape brand is a popular choice among vapors. It is available in many flavors where you can vape in your favorite flavor. The E-juice contains up to 5% Nicotine and the battery is 950mAh. Vfeel mini is made with a unique technology that offers an extraordinary vaping experience. It is lightweight and portable. The flavors do not fade with the frequency of the puffs. This means that you will get original and consistent flavors for all the 1500 puffs capacity.

Vapeman Solo X Disposable Vape Brand

Vapeman Solo X vape brand features a range of disposable vape flavors (more than 30). The vapes contain a 5% nicotine concentration that provides approximately 1500 puffs. They are portable and lightweight devices, meaning you can carry them anywhere and enjoy your favorite vape flavors anytime.

Solo X is among the most cost-effective disposable vape pens. It consists of an 850 mAh battery and the tank holds 4.2 ml of vape juice with 5% nicotine.

Get your favorite Solo X vape flavor at Vape Lab at the best price in Kenya.

Yuoto Disposable Vape Brand

Yuoto brand is renowned for its high-quality vapes, offering a fashionable and healthy vaping experience at the most affordable prices. Yuoto disposable vape kits are made with modern technology into sleek, lightweight portable devices. A Yuoto device is powered by an inbuilt 900 mAh battery, which supports up to 1500 puffs.

Like many disposable vaping devices, no maintenance is required for this vape brand. Use and dispose of it when the vape juice is depleted or the battery charge runs out. Yuoto disposable e-cigarettes are presented in many flavors. Vape Lab offers you all these flavors at an affordable price and free delivery in Nairobi.

Vazo Disposable Vape Brand

Vazo vape brand is a popular disposable vape pen in Kenya. Vazo electronic cigarette has a unique design, different from many disposable vaping devices. It is lightweight and portable, with an easy-to-use vape system, no maintenance is required, and presented in different flavors.

The Vazo vape price in Kenya is very affordable and convenient for vaping on the go. Vazo disposable vapes are sleek and stylish, making an amazing vaping option for beginners.

There are countless disposable vaping devices in the market today. Vape Lab is dedicated to bringing you premium brands that are tested and verified to be of the best quality. Keep watch on this list as it will grow over time, bringing you amazing flavors and incredible disposable vape designs. Get your favorite vaping device at Vape Lab online E-cigarette store in Nairobi and enjoy the best prices and free delivery. We are one call away from making your night out with your buddies enjoyable and memorable. Shop for vapes online now and enjoy the best service.


Published on 18 Apr, 2022