Cost of Vapes in Kenya


Published on 17 Mar, 2023

The question of vape prices in Kenya is common, especially among beginners. The answer does not have a specific figure tagged on it. Vaping devices come in different levels of sophistication in function and design. The most sophisticated devices with a higher functionality and complex design cost more than simple devices with limited functionality.

When buying the best vaping device for your needs, your budget determines how flashy you get. Of course, it is exhilarating to have a luxurious and stylish vape, but if your budget isn’t big enough, more affordable options are available that are good enough to serve your needs.

Vape Price Ranges in Kenya

Beginner vapes are the cheapest. They are mostly made in the simplest design and are easy to use. The list starts with disposable vapes, which are the most common, starter kits and pod devices.

Their price range is as follows:

Disposable vapes: These vary with the number of puffs, battery capacity, coil type, and design. The common price range is between KES 800 and KES 3000.

Starter Kits: These are designed for beginners with easy-to-use components. Their price range is between KES 1500 and KES 5000

Pod Systems: These consist of disposable pod devices or those with replaceable/refillable pods and rechargeable batteries. The price ranges between KES 2500 and KES 6000.

The prices mentioned are typical for the most common vapes in the market. Some e-cigarettes cost more. For instance, Mods and pod mods have more innovative designs and more advanced features that enhance the vaping experience. However, the cost is not directly proportional to performance.

Expensive vape mods are priced as such for their extra feature that makes vaping more fun. However, some more affordable pod devices match their performance and functionality.

Vape mods price in Kenya ranges between KES 3000 and KES 15000.

Affordable Vs Expensive Vapes

The amount of money you spend on e-cigarettes depends on the kind of vaping experience you want. Separating needs and wants helps you judge better on your vaping budget.

The main difference between affordable and expensive or luxurious vapes is the customization capabilities and innovativeness of the designs. Expensive or luxurious vape brands have innovative designs, flashy, stylish, and with a set of features that include custom settings on the devices.

Affordable vapes, on the other hand, are keen on functionality, making design and other extra features secondary. In other words, inexpensive vapes offer basic vaping requirements such as satisfying nicotine cravings, throat hit, and refreshing flavors.

Beginner Kits

In this context, beginner kits refer to simple e-cigarettes designed to deliver e-juice components into your lungs and ultimately into your bloodstream in the simplest form. The use of these devices is also simpler than more advanced options. Although termed as “beginner kits”, experienced or intermediate vapers can also use these devices, especially when they have a tight budget.

Beginner kits include disposable vapes, starter kits, and some pod devices. These are very affordable and with all the features a vaping beginner needs. This means you will satisfy your nicotine craving and enjoy your favorite flavors. Some are refillable, meaning you can buy your favorite e-juice or pods with specific PG/VG ratios, nicotine strength, and flavors.

Advanced Vapes

Mods and pod mods with customizable features are usually priced higher than other simple e-cigarettes. They are made in innovative designs and can have adjustable settings to improve your vaping experience. These extra features are what make them more expensive.

The choice between expensive and affordable e-cigarettes depends on two things; your budget and your vaping needs.

If you are looking for a flashy, stylish, and fun vaping experience with big clouds, vape mods, and pod mods are your best shot, which means, digging a little deeper into your pockets for the initial investment. But if your priority is getting nicotine into your bloodstream and a sleek and portable device, affordable vapes are your best bet.

Cost of Vaping Components in Kenya

Some pod mods and vape mods have replaceable components. Servicing your e-cigarettes ensures you get the best vaping experience and vaping safety. You may have heard cases of vape explosions, usually caused by faulty batteries. Replacing worn-out components brings your vaping device to life.

Apart from replaceable parts, some vaping devices require refilling with e-liquids. Most vape tanks and replaceable or refillable pod systems require you to buy e-liquids and refill when exhausted.

Here are some of the components of vaping and their prices:

1. Coils and Tanks

All e-cigarettes have heating components called coils that heat the e-liquid into an inhalable aerosol. Coils for disposable vapes are strong enough to last until the vape juice is exhausted.

For vape mods and pod mods, the user must replace the coils after some time. The frequency of replacement depends on the type of vape. Some replacement coils come as cartridges, pods, or small metals.

Rebuildable atomizers require the replacement of coils and tanks when their efficiency starts to deteriorate. Rebuildable components of RBAs and replacement coils for popular vape brands cost between KES 1500 and KES 3000.

Some coils in the form of cartridges and pods cost below KES 1000.

2. E-liquids

No e-cigarette can function without e-liquids unless it is a dry herb vaporizer or vaporizing other substances that are not vape liquid. The distinction between types of e-liquids is based on size, PG/VG ratios, flavor, nicotine type, and nicotine strength.

One of our blog articles explains the two types of nicotine - freebase nicotine and nic salts. Some e-liquids come as shortfills with nicotine shots, usually 50ml vape juice in a 60ml bottle and 10ml nicotine shot.

Disposable vapes and other prefilled devices hold a small amount of e-liquid, usually from as low as 1 ml to as much as 17 ml. The more the e-liquid capacity, the higher the number of puffs, and so is the price. Such prefilled devices cost between KES 800 to KES 3000.

The choice of the best e-liquids depends on your vaping needs. The various sizes of the bottled e-liquids in different PG/VG ratios will cost between KES 1000 to KES 3500 in Kenya. Nic salts are usually in smaller quantities, usually in 10ml bottles (sometimes more, or when presented as shortfills). They cost between KES 500 to KES 2000 in Kenya.

3. Batteries

Like most vaping products, batteries do not have a specific price tag. It all depends on whether you are buying for a budget or high-end vape.

Some devices come with built-in non-removable batteries. Here, you have no choice but to buy a new vape when the battery can’t hold a charge anymore.

For those devices with replaceable batteries, vape batteries will cost you up to KES 1500. This depends on the battery capacity and the type of device.

Recently, manufacturers have come up with high-quality and long-lasting batteries for their vaping devices that will see you through the whole lifespan of your vaping device. No need to replace it when other parts have worn out too. The device will have served you all it can, and the best option would be to replace the entire device rather than the parts.

Vaping Saving Tips

You can spend money in so many ways when it comes to vaping. With the wrong information, you could end up buying vaping components that you don’t even need.

Here are how some cost-saving tips for vaping:

  • Identify your level of vaping - You have no business buying advanced box mods that will cost you up to 15k as a beginner when all you need is a KES 1500 disposable vape.
  • Your needs - If you want to satisfy your nicotine craving in a sleek and discrete way, you don’t need a flashy and expensive vape mod. A simple affordable pod device or disposable vape will give you the satisfaction you need. The bottom line is to do your research. A great starting point is heading to our resource center where you will get a tonne of informational content to help you easily navigate the vaping world.
  • Pay attention to offers - Vape shops like Vape Lab have regular offers on vaping products. We offer discounts on some of our products or clearance sales for older stock. Follow us on social media (@Vapelab Nairobi) for updates on our offers.
  • Vapes and E-liquid brands - Some e-cigarettes and e-liquids brands sell at a fraction of the price compared to other brands with the same quality and function. Take your time comparing brands and trying products in different price ranges to find those that save most of your money.


Like all products in any market, there is no specific cost of vapes in Kenya. Every product has a price tag depending on functionality, brand prestige, and design. The good news is that there is something for everyone.

At Vape Lab, we source the best quality vaping products at all price points. Tell us your budget and needs, and we will recommend the best products. Even better, head to our blog and shopping guide sections, where we have rich recommendations for various products and general information about vaping.

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Published on 17 Mar, 2023