Where to Buy Vapes Near Me


Published on 2 Jan, 2023

Is it your first time vaping, or have you been doing this for a while and wondering where to buy vape pens in Kenya? There are two ways to find what you are looking for:

Search for “vape shops near me” and then follow your Google Map, and drive or walk to your nearest vape shop.

Buy vape online from an online e-cigarette store like Vape Lab and have it delivered to you.

Both options will land a vape on your hands. However, the shopping experience, efficiency, and convenience differ in both.

Hang on to find out what using each of these shopping options means and which benefits you the most.

Online Vape Shops Vs Local Stores

The ultimate goal is to get your vape without so much hassle. There is no right or wrong choice. It all comes down to personal preference or circumstance.

How do you like shopping? Is physical interaction with a shop attendant important to you? If yes, then physical stores would be the perfect fit for you. Some people also prefer interacting physically with the products they want to purchase.

If your gratification comes by holding your preferred vaping device, physically inspecting it, and finding out the feel in your hands, then local stores would be your perfect fit.

Some people do not care about physical contact with shop attendants or the device until it is delivered to them. Shopping for vapes online lets you pick your favorite e-cigarette and then request delivery.

The process for online shopping is shortened significantly since there is no physical interaction with shop attendants and no queues at the checkout. Online shoppers enjoy the freedom of browsing through the e-store at their own pace, comparing options and picking their best products.

Whether you choose to buy vape online or get it yourself from the vape shop near you, the most important thing is picking a reputable shop with quality products and reasonable prices. However, online vape shops present more advantages than shopping at local e-cigarettes shops.

“What exactly do I get from shopping online that physical stores won’t provide?” you wonder. Let’s find out how you can save money, and time and find the best products by buying e-cigarettes online in Kenya.

Benefits of Buying Vapes Online

1. Online e-cigarettes shops are more convenient than physical stores

When you want to buy vape from a physical store near you, it will take time to prepare yourself, then walk or drive to the shop. The headache doesn’t end there. You walk through the shelves looking for your favorite vape only to find it’s out of stock. If you are lucky enough to find it in stock, you might have to wait for some time in the queue at the checkout.

So many things can go wrong, like a shop attendant with an attitude, or sales reps trying to convince you to buy some of their “dead stock”.

Online vape shops save you all this trouble. You have full access to the shop’s inventory, and you can see what is in stock and what isn’t. You can also call the store before purchase to confirm the availability of a specific product.

No queues at the checkout, and you don’t have to deal with moody attendants. The convenience you get from shopping online is unmatched. All you need is to request home delivery for your favorite vape, e-juice, or vape accessories.

Online shops like Vape Lab offer home and office vape delivery in Nairobi in under 30 minutes at no extra cost. You can order at any time, day or night, and get free vape delivery.

2. Buying vape products online saves you money

If you are a business owner, you know how expensive commercial rentals are. A brick-and-mortar establishment requires a strategic position with good traffic and enough display space.

Renting such a space is expensive. Vape shop owners end up increasing the prices of their products to cover such expenses. Besides, the display requires enough space, and this can limit the number of products the shop owner can stock.

An online vape shop, on the other hand, does not depend on physical traffic. All the online vape shop owner needs is a warehouse or a store stacked with every high-quality vape products brands they can source. Rent in such establishments is cheap, and display space is not necessary. They already have enough products displayed online. No extra cost is transferred to vapes and e-liquids.

Shopping online means access to affordable vape prices and an endless list of high-quality vape products from different brands.

3. Online vape shops have the best customer service

A new customer can walk into a physical vape shop with a bad reputation and won’t know anything about it. You will end up experiencing bad etiquette from shop attendants, unnecessary delays, or even overpriced items. Although such businesses do not last long, new customers are prone to suffering such unfortunate instances.

The online shopping environment forces businesses to be mindful of their digital reputation. Customers can freely and publicly post their experiences online regarding the quality of service. Most online vape shops and other e-commerce platforms care about customer reviews. Several bad ratings can result in many lost orders. Since these reviews are publicly available, even new customers will know the quality of service to expect.

By ordering vapes online, you are served by professionals who put customer satisfaction first. Nothing short of excellent service.

At Vape Lab, we put our customers’ needs first. Enjoy the best customer service, fast delivery, and affordable e-cigarettes price in Kenya.

4. Customers only buy the vaping products they need

Two things you might not do in local vape stores:

  • Comparing different products to find the best one for you
  • Shopping without being pressured into buying something

When shopping at a convenience store, we are usually mindful not to spend too much time at the shelves comparing products. You can’t also escape an attendant trying to hard-sell products or pressuring you into buying a product.

Shopping for vape products online allows you to navigate the different sections of the online shops and resource center. You can compare different products and read guides and other informational posts to help you understand a particular product.

No one will be pressuring you into buying anything. You will only buy what you need after taking enough time browsing through different options.

5. Online vape stores are perfect for new vapers

Unlike physical stores, online vape shops have vaping beginners' shopping guides and other informational resources designed for new and experienced vapers.

New vapers can access professional recommendations and guides on the best vaping starter kits and how to quickly climb the ladder to becoming an expert in vaping. Physical shops will not have enough time or personalized guidance to help a beginner.

Vape Lab, for instance, has a range of informational articles and vape recommendations that will help you get started. We also have the best quality e-cigarettes designed for beginners and advanced devices for experienced vapers.

6. The best online e-cigs shops offer fast vape delivery services

When you search for “where to buy vape pens near me”, it means that you need something convenient where it won’t take much time to get your vape.

The best vape stores in Nairobi, like Vape Lab, offer delivery in under 30 minutes for most locations. That is even less than the time it would take you to walk or drive to your nearest vape shop, considering all the things that could go wrong.

When you order vape pens online, you are assured of timely delivery. Vape Lab allows you to pay on delivery. Hence, we can’t afford delaying the client. We also make sure that you feel safe buying from us.

Disadvantages of Buying E-cigarettes Online

  • The risk of getting duped - some people establish fake online vape shops and steal money from customers when paid before delivery. However, it is easy to spot such fake shops if you are careful. First, their website will have a poor structure and not much information. Some might not have a website at all, only a shallow Google business profile on the map. Second, they will have negative reviews from earlier victims. Third, they insist on paying before delivery.
  • Fake or substandard products - it would be difficult to trace a retailer without a physical shop in case you have a complaint about the quality of a product or service. Vape Lab allows customers to pay on delivery to allow them to inspect the products before payment. Besides, we only stock the best quality products from reputable brands.


Vape Lab is a reputable online e-cigarettes store in Nairobi offering home and office vape delivery in under 30 minutes.

Online vape shops give you flexibility, convenience, and the freedom to choose what works for you.

New vapers would benefit best from buying vaping products online due to the rich resources like shopping guides, expert recommendations, and other information on vaping.


Published on 2 Jan, 2023