List of Top Vape Juice to Buy in Kenya


Published on 8 Aug, 2022

Although e-liquids preference is personal to every vaper, some vape juice brands are at the top of the most bought. Premium e-liquids surpass the quality and consistency in the flavor of many DIY e-juice options. While the ingredients for both options are quite similar, the method of production, craftsmanship, and talent makes all the difference. The best vape juice to buy in Kenya, therefore, depends on how much quality means to you. Let’s find out what vape juice options are available in Kenya and the best brands to go for.

Almost all the time, you praise your hardware companies, but I think more praise should go to e-juice producers. While vaping devices serve us well in producing cool clouds, it’s the e-liquids that tickle our taste buds and give us the nicotine hit that we crave. They fuel our vaping experience in a variety of flavors to make things even more interesting.

The major e-liquids, year after year, strive to produce a winning recipe for their products. Picking the best is quite a challenging task. However, at the end of the day, choosing the best vape juice comes down to personal preference.

That being said, here is the list of top vape juice to buy in Kenya:

1. The Old Barrels

One of life’s pleasurable moments is having it all in our levels of preference. Although that does not happen all the time, when it does, we live in the moment for the longest we can and then wait for the next big thing.

Get to the point! I’m sure that’s what I would hear if I were on stage. Well… the point is, The Old Barrels vape juice brand represents a creation made in complete uniqueness in an amazing range of flavors. The most notable distinction is the brand's traditional English cider flavors.

The rich, refreshing, crisp, and unique flavors are developed from oak barrels creating a perfect synergy of fruity and oaky flavors.

Plenty of flavors like Dark Fruits, Raspberry & Peach, Strawberry & Lime, Red Berries & Lime, and Rhubarb & Raspberry will tickle your taste buds.

2. Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady is a well-established brand with award-winning ranges of premium nic salts and e-liquids. If you are looking for something of impeccable quality, with consistent flavors, and the best for sub-ohm vaping, then take the lady to dinner.

Dinner Lady was launched in 2016 and since then, the brand has won over 40 international awards. It is the most awarded e-liquids brand worldwide and of course, the most popular. Dinner Lady nic salts and e-liquids are readily available in almost all markets globally, including the Kenyan market. These e-liquids are available in a prefilled disposable vape as well as vape juice packages for refillable vaping devices.

Find different expressions of Dinner Lady nic salts and vape juice at the leading vape shop in Kenya - Vape Lab.

3. Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice is a world-renowned e-liquid brand famous for its sweet blends, fruity and minty, made in 70% VG formulation. This means that they are ideal for sub-ohm vaping, and any vaper would enjoy the cooling, refreshing and delicious flavors from Nasty Juice’s perfect recipe.

Nasty Juice e-liquids brand has won several awards since 2016, which saw it quickly become a popular choice by all levels of vapers.

The packing is done uniquely in durable tin ware that preserves the integrity of the e-juice. The recipe is a world-class blend of exotic flavors. The vape juice is regularly tested by independent assessment companies, to ensure that the products are nothing short of excellent.

4. Norseman & Sons

When we talk of Norseman & Sons, the creamy and tasteful drips of incredible vape juice comes to mind. This e-liquid brand is crafted in the latest art with 70% VG to suit DTL vaping and Sub-ohming.

Of course, you can use vape juice in whatever way you choose. Whether you are doing simple mouth-to-lung vaping, or you are a cloud chaser, Norseman & Sons vape juice will come in handy. They come in different flavors that give you limitless vaping possibilities, with or without nicotine. The flavors are consistent from the first puff to the last.

Vape Lab brings you a series of flavorful vape juice options from the Norseman & Sons E-liquids brand. Get Cookies & Cream flavor, Raspberry Ripple, Vanilla Bean, or Twister Lolly all at your convenience from our Vape Shop in Nairobi.

5. Frostbite

Have you ever had that day when everything around you doesn’t make sense, either because you are too tired from a busy day at work or endless cries from your toddler? Then you remember you have a balcony or you can just take a walk and do a few vape puffs. When such days come, and believe me they will, Frostbite will come through for you.

Frostbite vape juice delivers frozen flavors of cool menthol that does so well on a hot day. The vape juice is gentle on your throat and it is available in delicious flavors. It has a 70% VG concentration, ideal for both DTL and MTL vaping. Cloud chasers will find solace in Frostbite e-liquids. The quality is premium, making it one of the best vape juice to buy in Nairobi.

6. Dreamvape

When passion and talent meet science and flavor, good things happen. Dreamvape e-liquid is a perfect mix of interesting flavors, well-balanced to produce delicious and huge clouds. The brand represents a series of unique flavors, crafted by the most brilliant minds to offer consistency in every puff.

If you are looking for the best e-juice for your DTL or MTL vaping device, Dreamvape is a good place to start.

Blackcurrant Candy Chew and Bubblegum Blast are the fan’s favorite flavors of the Dreamvape e-juice brand available at our online vape shop in Nairobi. They are available in 50ml size.

7. Sadboy

Sadboy huh! Don’t get ideas to think it to have some weird and sad flavors. On the contrary, the Sadboy e-liquids brand has an interesting profile of flavors from classic cookies to cereal-inspired flavors. You will taste your favorite delicious cookie flavors in your vape.

The e-juice is uniquely crafted to the highest quality standards qualifying it to be in the list of the best premium e-liquids in Kenya.

Sadboy e-juice comes in 100ml quantities, giving you a consistent flavor throughout your vaping experience. It is crafted in unique recipes that enable it to be used in DTL devices. For those that love huge clouds and special flavors like pumpkin cookie flavors, Sadboy vape juice is an ideal choice for you.

The seven choices represent the best and most popular e-liquids in Kenya. However, the order of preference is subjective. It all comes down to personal preference. Our job is to bring you what our statistics tell us and the feedback we get from customers. It is also a list of what is readily available in Kenya. Do not be surprised to find an entirely different list elsewhere.

If you are just starting and need more information about e-liquids, check out our beginners guide on e-liquids.

Since you now have a list of the best vape juice to buy in Kenya, you must know exactly where to buy the best quality e-liquids at affordable prices.

Where to Buy the Best E-liquids in Kenya

As stated earlier, vape juice is literally the fuel for your amazing devices. To get the best vaping experience, you will need e-liquids that resonate well with your taste buds, and throat and with the ability to produce huge smoke.

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Published on 8 Aug, 2022