Sadboy 100ML Unicorn Tears
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Sadboy 100ML Unicorn Tears

KES 2,000
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Brand: SADBOY 120ML
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Unicorns are known to be magical, who knows what magic is or where it came from.

Extracted from the tears of unicorns, Sadboy Eliquid made it into a vape juice to give everyone an opportunity to figure out why does it taste so sweet and fruity? One puff and it feels like you had a mouthful of fruit salad, on the inhale a lush span of unknown magical fruit with undertones of berries flowing into your mouth while it escapes on the exhale leaving a luxurious fruitful essence as the clouds fill your room.

PG / VG: 20/80

Product Name Sadboy 100ML Unicorn Tears
PriceKES 2,000
Brand SADBOY 120ML
AvailabilityIn Stock
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