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Chilled Watermelon Apple Ultimate Salt
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Chilled Watermelon Apple Ultimate Salt

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Ultimate Salts Watermelon Apple Chilled Range

 Chilled Watermelon Apple nicotine salt e liquid in mouth to lung devices, especially in pod systems. Nicotine salts are very popular as they deliver a smoother vape than conventional freebase nicotine liquids. Due to this, nic salts are ideal for people making the switch from smoking to vaping. 

All in all, nicotine can be harsh at high strengths and therefore uncomfortable for a new vaper. By adding benzoic acid during the extraction from the tobacco leaf, the nicotine becomes smooth on the throat even at the highest strength. Above this, it also absorbs faster into the bloodstream, providing the nicotine rush that a first-time vaper needs. 

Summed up Watermelon Apple by Ultimate Salts replicates the nicotine found naturally, to produce a perfectly smooth experience with minimal throat irritation. Nicotine is also absorbed faster, and stays there for longer, providing a greater level of satisfaction than traditional vape juices.

This combination of factors is helping more smokers to transition from cigarettes, and many current vapers are making the switch too. Stealth vaping has never been easier or more satisfying.

Product Name Chilled Watermelon Apple Ultimate Salt
PriceKES 2,000
AvailabilityIn Stock
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