Big Tasty 100mls - Juiced Series Price in Kenya

Big Tasty 100mls - Juiced Series price in Kenya
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Big Tasty 100mls - Juiced Series

The Big Tasty flavor artists have travelled far and wide collecting the tastiest, most exotic and tropical ingredients known to man. From the sweet misty mountains to Cuban delights and exquisite fruits, Big Tasty’s new shortfill collection will ignite your senses. Refresh your vape. Go Big, Go Tasty.

Big Tasty Juiced Series Flavors:

Lime Cola Libre has a beverage blend mimicking the popular Cuban cocktail. A sugary and fizzy cola flavor provides the base of the vape, complemented by a zesty twist of lime for a balanced e-liquid.

Strawberry Daiquiri has a cocktail blend which plays between sweet and sharp flavors. The ripe taste of strawberry is countered by a zesty combination of lemon and lime for an authentic e-liquid.

Citra Berry Cosmo has a fruit medley featuring citrus notes and a chilled exhale. A combination of rich blackcurrant, zesty lemon and sharp lime complement throughout, topped off by cooling ice for a complex vape.

Raspberry Mojito has a cocktail blend featuring a sweet yet sharp undertone. The juicy flavor of raspberry is fused with a zesty lime and fragrant mint for an authentic-tasting vape.

Kiwi Lemonade has a soda blend featuring sharp, fruity hints. A zesty and fizzy lemonade provides the base of the vape, fused with tart notes of kiwi for a distinct flavor.